Use-case on collaborating for a cause.

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Peter Burrows, Executive Director at Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC) and former CIO at Reebok International was in the news recently on how FFC OneWorld portal built using Collabor’s software allows its members to collaborate around factory audits.

But before I go about sharing that news I thought it would be a good idea to provide an overview of Gartner’s take on the emerging segment in social software – the externally facing social software which is in use at FFC. The external facing social software is different from enterprise social software (users are employees) in terms of the end-user who are typically customers, partners, suppliers etc. The report titled Magic Quadrant for Externally Facing Social Software emphasized on 3 areas that buyers must have at the top of their mind:

  1. Serving users – software should include features which are common with the popular networking sites like profile management, moderation etc.
  2. Implementation – addressing the important points like scalability, reliability.
  3. Business value – use cases that define the benefit for the buyer.

You can get access to the entire report here:

Now, drawing a parallel on the portal we deployed for FFC using our Work 2.0 software with Gartner’s report

  1. Serving users: The FFC portal has several social features allowing users to manage profile, network with like minded members, sharing ideas etc.
  2. Implementation: The portal is highly scalable to support ‘n’ no. of users.
  3. Business value: This is where it all comes down to. Networking without a cause is like fishing without expecting to catch one. The value for FFC’s members (like Nike, Adidas, Levis Strauss, Macy’s, etc ) lies in collaborating around audits and training programmes. The tangible benefits are visible in form of better management of audits & more time spent on  corrective actions. In the words of our CEO, Sandeep Kaujalgi, “FFC is a community with a purpose. The entire focus is how we can collaborate around the audit platform and get companies all across the world to be sharing best practices on ethical workplaces.”

You can read the entire article on FFC here Analysis: factory auditing – Collaborating for the cause

It is exciting to be a part of the evolution of external facing social software or customer collaboration software as we like to call it and the myriad use-cases which are unique in their own way of which FFC is one of them.

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